At Living Waters Church, we value being in Life Groups together as we journey in our relationship with Jesus. Journey Groups are where we gather for not only a specific time, but also for a specific purpose to equip one another as we are spiritually formed.  

To learn more and to find out the status of these groups, contact Mike.


A 9-week group for those with questions about God, faith and Life. If you are exploring Christianity Alpha would be a great course to connect with.

Foundations Journey Group

A 4-week group for those wanting to explore the basics of Christianity - the sessions include Story, Character, Relationship and Purpose.

Discovery Journey Group

A 3-week group for those who want to explore their God-given giftings & influence and ways to be released into those areas. The sessions are titled Gifts, Strengths, and Influence.

Membership Journey Group

A group for those who call Living Waters "home," are connected and engaged, and wish to be part of the fuction of Living Waters as a society and a charity.

Zoe Network Course 

A 4-modular course (Identity, relate, together, and sent) for those interested in learning more about who God has created you to be, and in developing new skills that can be used in the church, at work and in the community.