There's a place for everyone!

We have created groups this fall that will create a space for you to connect in, no matter what your situation is. To join a group, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

In Person Groups

We are safely meeting in person, following all COVID-19 guidelines. If you’re the type that just needs to be with other people, these groups are for you!

Zoom Groups

These groups are meeting regularly over Zoom Video Conferencing to create a space for you to connect and stay safe.

Online Groups

We recognize that not everyone is able to commit to a specific time and place to connect in Life Groups and so we have developed what we call Online Life Groups.

Online groups allow you to ENGAGE ON YOUR OWN SCHEDULE, INTERACT WITH OTHERS and GROW SPIRITUALLY. All through an online learning chat forum.

Hybrid Groups

Hybrid Life Groups are a combination of in-person meetings and Zoom or online connections. A little bit of both options help create space for many.

Bubble Groups

Do you need to keep your bubble small? If so, we encourage you to start your own bubble group. All you have to do is invite the people in your bubble to meet regularly to learn and grow together.

Please let us know if you want to start a Bubble Group and we'd love to support you in any way!