There's a place for everyone!

We have created groups this fall that will create a space for you to connect in, no matter what your situation is. To join a group, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Newcomers Group

If you are new or newer to Living Waters, or, if you are interested in joining a Life Group but don't know where to start, this Life Group is for you! Contact Dave Solmes for more info.

Zoom Groups

These groups are meeting regularly over Zoom Video Conferencing to create a space for you to connect and stay safe.

Online Groups

We recognize that not everyone is able to commit to a specific time and place to connect in Life Groups and so we have developed what we call Online Life Groups.

Online groups allow you to ENGAGE ON YOUR OWN SCHEDULE, INTERACT WITH OTHERS and GROW SPIRITUALLY. All through a private Facebook group chat forum.