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Grief is many things and expresses itself in many forms. It’s felt in our lives. It’s painful. We grieve for many reasons, none that deserves to ‘one-up’ the other: a broken relationship, the death of a loved one, a health diagnosis, or a significant life change, or feeling the residue of grief walking through the above with someone we care about.

Grief isn’t a problem to solve, an issue to grow out of, a thorn in the flesh, or something to get over. It’s not linear with a clear step-by-step process or a project to medicate and distract from. We don’t get to hop over grief with rose-coloured glasses. Jesus promises comfort in amongst our grief and pain. He draws near to us, as we are.

We want this workshop to be a safe place to help us discover how grief is best acknowledged and understood. It will give us language to help our journeys and those we are walking with.

Facilitators: Mike Vaters & Jillian Hart MA, CCC, RCC
2 Sunday Evenings, September 22nd & 29th
6:30–8:30pm | No Cost

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