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Join us this Christmas season!

Gatherings & Events

Helping Hands: happening now!

The Christmas Carols - Advent Series: Nov. 28 & Dec. 5, 12, 19, 24

Carols in the Fort: Thursday, December 12th

Christmas Drive-in Movie & Food Drive: Sunday, December 19th

Christmas Eve: Friday, December 24th


Christmas Series: The Christmas Carols

Every year we sing or hum Christmas carols. But where do they come from and what, if anything, do they have to do with the birth of Jesus? Over five weeks, including Christmas Eve, we'll study and sing a carol together. We'll look at each carol's scriptural roots, how it points us to Jesus, and learn a bit about its origin. What truths might we walk away with as we hum these tunes around the house? And how might those truths enrich our holiday season, drawing us back to the meaning and blessing of Jesus' birth?


Advent means “coming” or “arrival”. It’s the four-week season in the church calendar year preceding Christmas characterized by waiting and longing for God and what God assures the world: hope, peace, joy, love. Advent is the dark before the dawn; the candle burning brightly in a deep forest; the star way off in the black; the contrast and the quiet. Advent is the unsteady confidence that God will come through.

Follow this link to use the lectionary for daily Advent readings.