We are thrilled to let you know that Living Waters Church has been able to commit to supporting four special projects through our Global Workers. 

In 2022 our community was wonderfully generous toward Global Work. This has meant that we were able to meet all of our commitments and still have some funding available. We approached our Global Workers to see if there were needs that they had and out of those discussions these four projects emerged. Over the coming weeks, we will be giving details about these projects so that we can celebrate and pray together for what they represent.

Here is what the projects are:

1. Solar powered water pump for a medical clinic in Malawi - Lifeline Malawi is an organization that support which runs a medical clinic in the country of Malawi. The clinic relies on electricity to have running water. Unfortunately the sources of electricity are unreliable which causes the clinic to not have running water which is not ideal for a medical clinic. By Living Waters stepping up and providing the funds for a solar powered water pump it means that the clinic will never have to deal with a shortage of running water.

2. Church expansion project in Sri Lanka - we have relationship with a church in Sri Lanka through some of our Global Workers. This church has been seeing many people come to know Jesus despite the government and religious opposition to the gospel. In fact, this church has planted 4 churches in the past years and is planting 2 more this year but they still don't have enough space for all those joining their church community. Living Waters is able to provide funding to help this church to make room in their building for as many as possible.

3. Motorcycle in Uganda - Our Global Workers, Nick and Cheryl Dekoning, are involved in environmental, economic, and spiritual renewal in Uganda. They do this through training and providing what is needed to set up agricultural businesses. One limitation they do have right now is accessing more remote villages where the roads are often very challenging to travel on. By purchasing a three-wheeled motorcycle for this ministry, Living Waters is allowing many in rural villages in Uganda to benefit from the training and supplies that Nick and Cheryl provide. Entire communities could be changed!

4. Kids Camp in India - Our Global Workers in India have a heart to see 1000 children come to kids camp this summer to hear the good news about Jesus and experience the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. We think that is a great idea! Living Waters is providing funding for 150 children to attend, a number corresponding to the number of children that we will have at our Arts Camp this summer.

All of these projects are only possible because of your generosity toward Global Work at Living Waters. Thank you for having a heart not only for the Langley area, but also for communities around the world.