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We continue to place a priority as a community on local work and supporting various community groups that are helping so many within our community.  Our LWC local work team is presently highlighting a few ways you can get involved in your community. 

Boys and Girls Club of Langley (Douglas Park)

Langley Boys and Girls Club is looking for after-school volunteers (especially youth wanting to serve and mentor others), and after-school tutors for academic and skill set tutoring. Urgent Donation Needs: Fresh fruit and vegetables for after-school snack program; apples, oranges, peppers, tomatoes, and snack carrots.  

For more information, contact Herv Bezjak at 604-533-8552

Gateway of Hope

Urgent Donation Needs: Gloves, Toques, Winter Jackets, Socks, New Underwear, Shoes & Boots. Please drop off items at the Salvation Army Gateway of Hope – 5787 Langley Bypass.  

Langley Christmas Bureau

Langley Christmas Bureau is looking for volunteers dressed up as elves to escort parents around their Toy Depot and help them pick toys for their children.

For more information contact Darrin Leite by email (

Langley Food Bank

Urgent needs: donated food and personal care items, and baby essentials.

They also need donations of Cereal, Canned Meat & Fish, Spreads, Canned Fruit, Canned Vegetables, Snacks, Pasta, Pasta Sauces, Chocolate Bars, Granola Bars, Mister Noodle, Ensure/Boost, Rice, Granola Bars, Jam/Peanut Butter, Baking Supplies, Depends for Women (all sizes), Baby Cereal, Baby Food Pouches (not jars), Formula – Enfamil (Level 1 & 2) and Good Start (Level 1 & 2), Diaper Wipes, Diapers (size 5 & 6).

For more information, email them or call 604-533-0671.

Langley Hospice Society

Langley Hospice Society's comfort care areas are looking for volunteers to socialize with patients. Urgent Donation Needs: Langley Hospice Society is in urgent need of donated items for patients. List: Bathrobes (all sizes) in co-ed colours, piano music, a punching bag for the youth program, coffee, hot chocolate, and tea for drop-in groups.  

For more information, call their office at 604-530-1115. 

Wagner Hills Farms

Wagner Hills Farms is looking for volunteers to work in their Marketplace location in Fort Langley on Mavis Avenue. For more information, click here.


Join the Local Work Team
Team members are needed to serve in roles associated with serving people living in poverty, immigrants and refugees, and people who are homeless. To read about the local work team's focus and activity, click here.  

For more information about any of these opportunities please reach out to our Local Work Team.