Have you ever listened to a song that lodges itself firmly in your brain? Music has a way of permeating life. The best songs are ones those we lyrically resonate with and are inspired by through beautiful melodies or compelling rhythms.

Thousands of years ago people felt the same way. They’d retain words, lessons and ideas better if they were placed in a musical medium. Ancient people, just like us, longed to express themselves and found that songs helped them do that. A handful of ancient Israelites wrote a bunch of songs about life and death, peace and struggle, hope and heartbreak, sadness and joy. They sang these songs for and to God.

All these songs found their way into what we call The Book of Psalms – 150 songs to be exact.   This summer we’ll look at seven songs ranging in theme and style. Seven songs that remind us we’re not that different from the ancient people who wrote them. Seven songs that remind us we’re singing to and for the very same God.

Seven differend Psalms, seven weeks, seven different speakers.

July 5 - Introduction and Psalm 1 (Doug Smith)

July 12 - Mike Vaters

July 19 - Leanne McAlister

July 26 - Rikk Watts

August 2 - Ryan Bedwell

August 9 - Joanne Knight

August 16 - Luke Knight

August 23 - Story Sunday / Baptisms