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March 19th, 2017  

Dear Living Waters Family,  

Today Linda and I announced we would be stepping down from leadership and our last Sunday at Living Waters will be May 28th.  

We know this will be a surprise to most of you and so I’ll do my best to explain. First know this, we love our community deeply. For the past 11 years we have come to know you as family and it has been an absolute honour to serve you.  

Since we began 11 years ago an annual point of prayer has been to ask the Lord if He would have us lead for another year. Every year we have sensed He has called us on to another with the exception of this year. For many months Linda and I have sensed the Lord gently letting us know it was time to release the mantle of leadership to another, who will ultimately be called to take our community on to it’s next season. While we would have very much liked to be those leaders, we know seasons begin and end and the most important thing we can do is submit to the will of the Lord. To stay beyond our time would not be helpful to the church nor would it allow for the freedom of vision needed for the exciting days that lay ahead for Living Waters. We believe the Lord has already chosen the next Lead Pastor, who, along with our extraordinary leadership team, will hear His voice and walk in faith to the fruitful season just ahead of us.

In terms of what happens next, please be assured we have a detailed and comprehensive transition process ahead of us as we discern who the next Lead Pastor will be. Our District Superintendent Ken Russell presented that process to our Leadership Council last week and Ken, who is highly experienced in assisting churches in leadership change, will be helping us along the way. In the meantime the life of the church will go on as usual and we will ensure our community is kept informed as we seek the Lord’s will for the new Lead Pastor.  

Below you will find a link to the message I shared today (March 19th). It will provide you with more information. If you missed this past Sunday, please take some time to listen.

Finally, Linda and I would like to express our deepest love and appreciation for this community. Over the years we have had the deep honour of baptizing and marrying many, dedicating babies, counseling, grieving alongside you, as well as celebrating and learning with you. You are our family and we love you very, very much.  

With you in faith,

Doug & Linda

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