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Because of the generous response by Living Waters, we are no longer needing or accepting financial contributions to this project. If you would still like to make a global difference, we would encourage you to give towards Living Waters Global Work which will allow us to not just have an impact in Canada and Uganda, but many more nations around the world. Click here to find out what we are doing around the world!

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Living Waters Church is partnering with our global workers in Uganda, Nick & Cheryl DeKoning, to help the people of Uganda in both the present and the future.

Currently, there are three major events that Uganda is dealing with: the coronavirus pandemic, massive flooding and an invasion of locusts. What this all points to is an impending massive food shortage in 2020 at a time when the rest of the world is also reeling economically. Where is the help going to come from?

Nick & Cheryl are suggesting that rather than just ask for funds to purchase food to give to the most vulnerable, we join them in a creative project that will impact more people for less money. They plan to plant 50 acres of beans that will upon maturity be distributed among the most vulnerable families in our nearby communities as food shortages increase.

Their first short term goal is to plant 30 acres and then add an additional 20 acres to a total of 50 acres. They have asked Lived Water Church to fund the cost of the first 30 acres, which would cost $5000. Our church has already committed $3000 from our generosity fund and we're asking our community to help give the other $2000.

What can 30 acres of beans do?

  • Hire 18 field workers for 10 weeks (cultivate, plant, weed, water, harvest)
    • 18 workers can each support a family of 7+.
    • This also creates jobs for unemployed youth.
  • Distribute the harvest of approx. 30,000kg of dry beans to needy families (6000 families x 5kg, 3000 families x 10kg, etc.)
  • Planting beans contributes to the soil amendment (adds nitrogen to the soil) and helps with weed control.
  • Enough seed will be retained for the next season of bean planting.

Let's take advantage of a great opportunity to be generous and to love the people of Uganda!