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Last year our Living Waters Church community gave $21,000 to Yemen Famine relief that was matched 4:1 by the Canadian government, equaling over $100,000! We recently received a report stating that, with the money raised, we were able to feed 5000 people (800 families), many of whom were young mothers and children.

Let's continue to be generous because Jesus is generous!


Original Post: May 7, 2019

The crisis in Yemen has been named the world's worst humanitarian crisis. 53% of the population is in urgent need of food aid. That's about 16 million people.

We want to help. Our denomination (the PAOC) has an emergency aid arm named ERDO (emergency relief and development organization) that is looking to raise $120,000 across churches in Canada. These funds will go towards feeding 800 families for five months.

The Canadian government will match any giving 4:1. This is a great time to give toward helping in Yemen.