One of the primary values at Living Waters centers on authentic community which at its core means “being there for one another”. The Mentoring Network reflects that value by presenting the opportunity of a mentoring relationship. 

Below you will find all the information you need to participate in the program as a mentee or if you are interested, to apply to be a mentor.

PLEASE NOTE: This Network is available only to those who are a part of the Living Waters Church community.


The Mentoring Network offers intentional informal relationships over a pre-determined period of time for those wishing to connect with someone who can listen, encourage, and challenge – in a nutshell, to come alongside.


A mentoring season would typically be about six months in length and include up to twelve meetings during that time. The mentoring sessions are scheduled in advance, and there is an expectation that both the mentor and mentee will honour one another by arriving on time and giving plenty of notice regarding any changes.


All matches are male with male, female with female.

A Mentor is Not

The mentor is not a counsellor – their role is to come alongside as an encourager and listener – a friend in Christ. Expectations should not go beyond that kind of informal relationship.

Requesting a Mentor

The mentors are volunteers from the Living Waters family and are mature believers in Christ. In addition, they are men and women who have an expressed gift and desire to connect with and help others within our community. Every effort will be made to provide a suitable match, but we recognize that from time to time a relationship may not “click”. In that case, either the mentee or mentor can request a change and we’ll do our best to accommodate that.

Please take the time to review and complete the confidential form below. Once that has been done the Mentor Coordinator will contact you for an informal meeting to get to know you a little better to help facilitate a good match.

Please contact our office anytime if you require any further assistance.

Living Waters Mentee Application

Want to be a Mentor?

In order to be a mentor we require you to be a mature believer in Christ; this means having had a steady walk with Jesus for 5 years or more. The process of becoming a mentor includes an application, interview and attending training and information evenings (maximum of 3 per year). For further information or to request an application form please click here.