Please sign up here if you would like to join one of these groups.

Willoughby Basketball Group

Wednesday nights at Yorkson Creek Middle School. Led by Jon Withers.

Mom's and Tots

This is a group for moms and their preschool-aged children to come and connect with one another. They meet on Thursday mornings in the North Langley area. Led by Katie Duong.

Arts Group

Connect with other artists from our church and learn about how it can integrate into your faith. Led by Kirsten Anonby.

Motorcycle Group

Looking for someone to go for a ride with? We have a Life Group that gathers around their interest in motorbikes and they go for rides together on a bi-weekly basis. Led by Ken Kutney.

Biblical Gender Equality Life Group 

Join us as we look through scripture and learn about how God calls women and men to lead and serve as equals.  The focus is to examine the biblical message in which God calls women and men of all cultures, races, and classes to share authority equally in service and leadership in the home, the church, and the world. Too often the Bible is misinterpreted in this area. This group will provide teaching on a better biblical foundation which eliminates the power imbalance between men and women.  

Navigating Life with Adult Children 

Navigating life with our adult children is not always easy. Misunderstandings and differences of values can complicate the relationship, Particularly if they are struggling. You have likely experienced pain, and even guilt in the process. This ten-week Life Group will provide support for hurting parents as well as introduce new skills in connecting with adult children who may be dealing with a variety of issues.