The Langley Seniors Resource Society provides numerous programs and services to Langley’s large senior population. They have been providing social, recreational, and educational programs and food, health, and services to adults 50 years of age and older in the City and Township of Langley since 1982.

Living Waters donates annually to LSRC Hydrosound Bathing service that enables seniors with mobility difficulties a specialized bathing treatment that uses ultrasonic energy in water to create millions of microscopic bubbles which vibrate and cause a massaging action called ‘microstreaming.’

This advanced technology is more effective than whirlpool action for improving blood circulation, relaxing muscles, and rejuvenating skin without the noise of a hot tub!

  • The tub is equipped with a lift chair and a staff member attends all times.
  • Assistance for undressing and dressing is available.
  • Bathing supplies including towels, hypo-allergenic shampoo and soap are provided.
  • Bathing appointments are booked in advance and each appointment is 45 minutes long.

Urgent/Ongoing Needs 

  • Langley Seniors Resource Society suffered a catastrophic flood in late 2023 requiring demolition and restoration of a part of their building. Any financial aid will be most welcome at this time.  
  • To find out how to donate visit:

Living Waters Involvement: A Living Waters volunteer currently sits on the Langley Seniors Resource Society board. Yearly donation from our generosity fund.

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