The Table

On the last Sunday of each month*  our Young Adult Network gathers around one of Jesus' favourite meeting places - the table. Throughout His ministry, Jesus recognized the importance of feeding a person's whole self; their physical body, their mind, their soul, and their heart. Many of His greatest debates, discussions, discourses, and moments of discipleship happened as people gathered around food. 

Our shared experience of a family dinner at the table may be varied, but at the Young Adult Network, we believe that when we gather at the table we find belonging, we discuss values, and we're invited to ask questions and learn from others' experiences. We find ourselves nourished with laughter, joy, and hope - not to mention delicious home-cooked food. We discover that other people are journeying along in the same direction as us, and although our stories may differ, we have more in common than we don't. 

So join us on Sunday evenings in the Upper Room at Living Waters Church for a hot, home-cooked meal, moments of fellowship and laughter, a time of hearing the stories of other young adults, and an opportunity to grow in your personal walk with God, in a community dedicated to taking one step closer to Him. 


For more information email Kyle

*There are exceptions to this, please check out the events page for a list of dates and times.