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On February 12th and February 19th, we will be focusing our gatherings on Global Work. On those Sundays, we'll highlight the global workers that we support and hear some updates from their ministry. On February 12th we are going to hear the stories of God's calling on two of our Global Workers' lives. These are going to be such great Sundays of celebration and having a chance to hear of God's intention for our lives.

We have the opportunity to partner with amazing ministries that work all over the world that are accomplishing such beautiful things. Did you know that our Global Workers support hundreds of children (many refugees) in rural Thailand? Or that we partner with a medical clinic in Malawi? Did you know that some Global Workers facilitate the planting of hundreds of thousands of trees each year to provide economic and ecological sustainability in Uganda? These stories and so many more are the fantastic work that happens each year because of Living Waters generosity.

To learn more about our global workers, click HERE.