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We have spent the month of September discussing our core values as a church: authenticity, community, generosity, growing, and recognizing and releasing. What do you imagine when you envision a community moving towards these values? What do these they look like as we seek to live them out in our lives?

The creative arts help us to see what is, and to imagine what could be. We would like to invite the creators in our midst to bring to explore our core values through their artistic work. Submissions wil be exhibited in our from November 10th - 22nd.  

If you are a poet or painter; if you sketch, quilt, sculpt, or create any other form of visual or written art, we would invite you to share your work with us! This will be an informal show, displayed in the auditorium and lobby during our in-person gatherings. If children or families wish to participate they are also welcome to do so. There is no skill level required for participation -- we simply want to receive our community's creative reflection on our core values.

To read our core values, click here. 

The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, November 9th. If you would like to participate please sign up here.

Questions can be directed to Kirsten Anonby.