We want teenagers to be themselves. There’s no place for being fake, or trying to be someone you’re not. We desire to be the real deal, just as Jesus was the real deal.


We value being a place that’s welcoming, accepting, and where we have respect for one another. We desire to see every teenager cared for and caring for others.


We value being generous. As we help others, serve Jesus, and share life together, we want to be generous just as Jesus is generous.

Recognizing & Releasing

We value finding and developing the gifts and talents found in each teenager. Not only that, but giving teens opportunities to use those gifts. When we are empowered and released in the things God has called us to, amazing things happen.

Spiritual Formation

We value pointing teenagers towards Jesus. We understand that we are at different places along our journey, but we are all going in the same direction. 

The Great Commission

We value reaching out to teenagers who have not met Jesus. Our reach goes beyond those we know best and extends to students we have not yet met but need the love of Jesus. 


We value doing what we were created to do, give God glory. Worship isn’t just done/practiced musically, but is done/practiced throughout every area of our lives.