The Leadership Project

Here at the Youth Network, our goal is to empower teens like you to take the lead not only within our community but also in the Church and your personal life. We truly believe that God has given you incredible passions, strengths, and leadership abilities. Our mission is to help you uncover these unique gifts, nurture them, and give you the platform to shine and make an impact.

Just to clarify, this program is designed for students in grades 9-12. If you're in grades 7 & 8, we've got something special for you too – it's called Live to Lead. This program will help you grasp the basics of leadership, understand its importance, and get a feel for what leading looks like for you. If you want to learn more about Live to Lead, feel free to reach out to Rebeca.

Please be aware that, currently, we're unable to hold Live to Lead sessions. But don't worry, we're actively working on getting it up and running again. Stay tuned for updates on when we can kick things off once more!


After you've finished the application process, we'll invite you to take a 45-minute to 1-hour CliftonStrengths Assessment. This assessment will uncover your top five strengths when it comes to leadership. These strengths will serve as a compass for us as we provide guidance, mentorship, and work together to nurture your leadership abilities.


Over the course of the school year, you'll engage in some serious leadership learning. A seasoned leader will be walking you through The Student Leadership Challenge curriculum, providing you with valuable insights. But that's not all – your mentors will also be right there with you, offering ongoing support. They'll help you dig deep into your personal leadership strengths, ensuring you develop them to the fullest. It's all about stepping up our game together!


Those who join the Leadership Project will score a spot at the "Youth Network Table." This means you'll have a platform to voice your ideas, thoughts, and even concerns about the Youth Network. We're all ears, and we're ready to put those thoughts into action. As per your strengths and comfort zones, you might find yourself taking the lead in various ways. This could involve anything from getting involved in kids ministry, organizing youth and church events, leading discussions or games, speaking, being a friendly face, or even handling sound and media. The possibilities are broad and exciting! 

Program Objectives: 

By the time this program wraps up, our goal is for every student to:

  • Have a rock-solid grasp of their faith and the ability to stand firm in it.
  • Embrace confident leadership skills that they can carry forward.
  • Truly own their role within the Youth Network, making a tangible impact.
  • Recognize their spiritual gifts and strengths, and apply them to their daily lives.
  • Lead their peers as shining examples of servant leadership.
  • Comprehend that leadership comes in various shapes and sizes, while also pinpointing their own unique leadership style.


Students are expected to:

  • Have a personal relationship with Jesus.
  • Demonstrate qualities that reflect a Christlike character.
  • Participate in youth activities at least three times per month.
  • Serve in at least one capacity within the Youth Network on Tuesday Nights. This could involve roles like being part of the welcome team, contributing to the worship team, handling media or sound, and more.
  • Attend all scheduled Student Leadership Development Days.

*If one or more of these expectations cannot be met due to full schedules please talk with Rebeca. 

What's in it for YOU:

  • Earn volunteer hours for school.
  • Receive continuous mentorship.
  • Obtain references and a reference letter (useful for post-secondary education or job applications).
  • Gain hands-on experience in leadership.
  • Develop a deeper comprehension of leadership and its various aspects.

Application Process:

If you're keen on taking up a student leadership role, here's what you should do:

  • Fill out the online application form for the Leadership Project.
  • Get the Student Leadership Commitment Form from Rebeca, sign it, and submit it.
  • Arrange a meeting with one of the key members from the LP team.

**For the initial year, there's a minor fee of $75 to contribute to startup expenses. This covers things like workbooks, guest speakers, conferences, and resources, including the StrengthsFinder Assessment. Subsequently, the program costs $50 per year to handle annual expenses. Be assured, we recognize that financial considerations shouldn't hinder anyone. If you're facing financial challenges, don't hesitate to connect with Rebeca through email for assistance. Your involvement is important to us, and we're here to support you.

PLEASE NOTE: Considering the structured nature of the program, it's most beneficial for you to join in September. Unfortunately, we won't be able to accept applications partway through.