We, at the Youth Network, whoelheartedly believe that teens are not just the church of tomorrow; they are the church of today. Because of this belief we are committed to spiritual formation and leadership development.  We aim to create times and spaces for students to learn about their faith, grow in it and live it out both in the church and in their world. We do this through the following Projects.      

The Leadership Project

We at the Youth Network aim to recognize and release students to lead in the Church, in the Youth Network, and in their context. We also believe that God has gifted students with amazing passions, strengths and abilities in leadership. We aim to identify those God-given gifts, teach students how to use them, and create opportunities for them to function in them.  


By the end of this program, we desire that every student would:

  • Understand and be able to stand firm in their faith 
  • Lead confidently
  • Take real ownership of the Youth Network
  • Be able to recognize their spiritual gifts and strengths and utilize them in every day life
  • Lead their peers as models of servant leadership
  • Understand that Leadership takes all sorts of forms & identify their personal leadership style


Students must...

  • Display a Christlike character
  • Attend youth at least 3 times a month 
  • Serve in at least one area of the Youth Network Tuesday (ie. welcome team, worship team, media, sound etc.)
  • Attend all three Student Leadership Development Days

*If one or more of these expectations cannot be met due to full schedules please talk with Rebeca, Rachel or Mindy.  


  • Volunteer hours for school
  • Ongoing Mentorship
  • References + Reference Letter (for post secondary school and/or job)
  • Practical Leadership experience 


If you are interested in becoming a student leader you need to...

  • Complete the Leadership Project online application form
  • Obtain the Student Leadership Commitment Form from Rebeca, sign it and hand it in
  • Meet with one of the lead LP team members 
  • *New* We will be adding a nominal annual fee of $75 to help with some expenses (i.e. workbooks, guest speakers, conferences, resources etc.).  We don't want finances to be an issue, if it is, financial assistance is available upon request - email Rebeca

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the scheduled nature of the program, you will be best served by joining either  in September (early) or in January (early).  Applications will not be accepted midstream.  

The Learning Project 

The Learning Project involves a three year Evangelical Catechism class called Explore that will help students gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of their faith.  The outline for this class is as follows:

Explore: God's Grand Biblical Narrative (4 weeks | Fall)

Explore: The Lord's Prayer (4 weeks | Spring)

Explore: The Creeds I (4 weeks | Fall)

Explore: The Creeds II (4 weeks | Spring)

Explore: The Decalogue (4 weeks | Fall)

Explore: The Sacraments (4 weeks | Spring)

For more information on Explore and to register please click on "Explore" in the menu bar.

The Worship Project

The Worship Project is a space for students to explore what it means to lead in worship.  This includes learning to play the music, but more than that, it's learning what it means to worship our God with sincerity, while leading others to do the same.  Students will have the opportunity to be mentored by some of Living Waters more seasoned worship leaders and band members.  If you are interested in joining the Worship Project please fill out this online form (we just want to get to know you a bit).

Due to COVID we are unable to meet as regularly as we usually do.  However, we are now offering Worship Project Workshops. Stay tuned for our next workshop. 

If you have any questions, contact Rebeca.