The Youth Network Squads are an important part of the youth ministry here at Living Waters Church. Students meet in their Squads at least three times a month.  Squads are small groups led by our Youth Staff.  Squads provide a time and space that gives students the opportunity to talk about Jesus, develop community, express authenticity, walk through life together, and have a lot of fun. Questions about Squads? Connect with Rebeca or a Squad leader. 

Squad Leaders

Freshman Girls (Grades 7-8)

Courtney Bridge, Leah Paulgaard & Emily Goertzen

Freshman Boys (Grades 7-8)

Mark Goertzen

Junior Girls (Grades 9-10)

Chloe Lanki, Monica Romeyn & Natalie Szakun

Junior Boys (Grades 9-10)

Jake Lanki 

Seniors Mixed (Grades 11-12)

Daniel Bridge, Stephen Seiler, Mindy Black & Rachel Schock