Darcy and Leanne McAlister serve on the Home team of PAOC’s International Missions.   Darcy is the Director of Personnel and Family Life Director and leads a team who recruits, assesses, trains, sends and cares for global workers.  Leanne coordinates ZOE Networks, a new initiative for International Missions which does leadership development and discipleship with Canadian women (ZOE Discipleship) and connects Canadian women with the great work our global workers do with women overseas (ZOE Projects).  Although they have different areas of responsibility they love to teach, preach and do life together.   

Leanne and Darcy are passionate about seeing leaders thrive in all areas of life with Jesus at the centre and have had the opportunity to share that passion both in Canada and internationally.  The McAlisters are based in Langley BC and are launched from Living Waters Church.  Living Waters has been home since the ‘new’ church was built with both Darcy and Leanne serving on staff at various points before their missions work expanded to where it is today.  They have 3 young adult children (Nick, Robyn and Ben) who are all married and now 2 grandchildren as well!


For the most up to date information on ZOE Networks  http://www.zoenetwork.ca/

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Prayer Requests:

  • Capacity and Rest: We have a lot to do and don’t want to over do it
  • Protection as we travel: We travel to places many others don’t
  • Resources and support: These are necessary to do the job (these are support raising roles)
  • Supernatural insight: As we minister in so many varied contexts
  • Changed lives: As a result of our work



Zoe Projects - Helping Women Thrive from PAOC Missions on Vimeo.