Married in 2007, Amber and Matthew moved to Slovakia 6 months later. They worked as part of a church planting team of Slovaks and Global Workers. Following their 2 year apprenticeship in Slovakia, they moved to central Poland as part of a business-as-mission pilot project. Daxon was born during this time. 3 years after moving to Poland, the project had legal troubles which impacted their visas. The Prices returned to Canada for 2 years where Amber worked at Summit Pacific College, Matthew added to his skillset, and Zala joined the family. Thinking they would return to Slavic Europe, God had other plans and the Price Family moved to Bangkok, Thailand in August 2016. Wren and Izelle joined the family to make 6.

Amber is the Director of Impact School of Missions (ISM). This discipleship initiative equips young adults to serve with trusted partners throughout South East Asia. Matthew is the ChildCARE Plus (CCP) representative for Thailand. With a team of Thais, he works with sponsored children to ensure they complete their education and have access to the gospel. Both Amber and Matthew believe that God loves the marginalized and so they work with people in vulnerable communities ranging from red light districts to urban refugees.