Dr. Chris and Heather Brooks love being part of the Living Waters Church community in Fort Langley, BC. They lived in Malawi for 12 years with their daughter Chloe, during which time Chris founded the Lifeline Malawi Health Centre which provides health care for the over 5,000 men, women and children each month.

Today, Chris and Heather live in both Malawi and Canada, supporting the work in both places. Our values of community, compassion, service and faith are woven through everything we do. From delivering babies at our maternity unit, to providing care and vital medicines for those who are sick with such deadly diseases as malaria, TB, and HIV/AIDS, to the caring for the dying through palliative care, to providing immunizations and assessment for under-five children, to our behavioral change education programs and support groups in the community, we at Lifeline share the love of Jesus and the transforming message of the Gospel with everyone. We focus on building Christian community and drawing people closer to God through our after-school youth program, our sports teams, our morning devotions with waiting parents, our Sunday afternoon Christian fellowship, which includes a Sunday school for children, and our Community Nights of Praise and Prayer. People hear about Jesus wherever Lifeline Malawi is present.

What a privilege it is to serve this little community in Africa, bringing life and hope to the tens of thousands of people we care for. We are extremely grateful, not only for our dedicated Malawian staff, and for our great volunteers in Canada but also for generous supporters like Living Waters Church.

For current information on Lifeline Malawi lifelinemalawi.com/